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Telematics is two-way communications between a vehicle and a service center, or between a vehicle and another vehicle. Data communications is a pre-requisite for all services. Voice communications is necessary for some functions, desirable for others, and non-essential for most. Adding a positioning device in the vehicle and mapping capabilities at the service center enables a range of location based services to be provided.

Telematics services can be vehicle-centric, driver-centric and/or passenger centric, but in all cases telematics refers to services which are delivered to a vehicle to enhance safety, security and comfort, and from a vehicle to provide information about the vehicle, its passengers or the vehicle’s interaction with the transportation infrastructure.

While most GPS AVL systems provide location, time and speed information, the GPS BlackBox Track G3000VS is a robust GPS-GSM / GPRS Online Vehicle Tracking Device with support for controlled voice communication and specifically designed for use in commercial vehicles.

What applications is it for?

The GPS BlackBox Track G3000VS is suitable for a wide range of applications including Emergency and Support Services, Taxi dispatch operations, FMCG distribution, Logistics planning, etc. Being web-based, the Track G3000 integrates well and can form an integral part of a business process, application or management system such as supply chain management systems and logistics systems etc.

What’s so unique?

Extremely Reliable, Compact and Tamper Resistant design for Indian conditions

Accurate distance reporting

Superior GPS signal acquisition and reacquisition performance

GPRS/SMS Auto Switch with 'out-of-network' support (built-in high capacity data logger with storage upto 10,000 locations

Secure and encrypted transfer of location and status data

Smart Power and Memory Management

Can it be customized?

Yes - if you require any special functions or additional input ports (e.g. for additional sensors or other devices) we can modify the unit according to your specifications.

What comes with it?

Telematics - GPS


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