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AWS 3000G - Easy to use, Affordable Transmitter / Data Logger

What is it?

While most AWS (Automatic Weather Station) telemetry systems allow continuous recording of weather data, the AWS 3000G is an intelligent data logger cum wireless data transmission device capable of reliable recording and reporting of information such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, relative humidity, solar radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture, evaporation, leaf wetness etc for extended periods with high accuracy and consistency.

What’s so unique?

  • Extremely Reliable, Compact and Tamper resistant design for Indian conditions with quality industry grade components chosen with a bias towards achieving optimum stability and accuracy
  • Intelligent Memory Management
  • Secure Data Transfer with no data loss
  • Proven, seamless GPRS communication in diverse network environments
  • Smart Power Management, capable of continuous remote operations for extended period

What do I need to make it work?

  • An active SIM card from a GSM Network provider with appropriate subscription plan (SMS, GPRS)
  • Subscription to Weather Track Service

Can it be customized?

Yes - if you require any special functions or additional input ports (e.g. for additional sensors or other devices) we can modify the unit according to your specifications.

How can i try it out?

Please Contact Us if you would like to order a sample.

What if something goes wrong?

All GeoEdge products and accessories come with a standard One Year Warranty.


Data Input

  • Connect a wide range of sensors using built-in digital I/O’s & analog inputs, RS232, RS485 / RS422, SDI-12 and I2C interface
  • Extend sensor capacity via I/O modules plugged into I2C Port

‘Intellilog’ Data Recording, Storage, Compression & Management

  • User configurable data recording interval as low as 1 second
  • 2 MB memory to capture, store and forward data.
  • Store data for longer periods using in-built SD Memory Card (Standard 2 GB, 8GB expandable)
  • Supports intelligent data storage management upon failure of communication
  • In-built, highly efficient data compression logic to minimize on storage and communication costs

GSM-SMS/GPRS Wireless Data Transmission

  • Automated, periodic wireless data transmission based on User-defined data transmission interval
  • Dual mode data transfer over SMS and/or GPRS data to the data server
  • Query real-time data over SMS
  • Two configurable WAN IP’s for redundancy

View, Calibrate and Modify Setup Locally or Remotely

  • Simple, easy-to-use GUI interface for access and control
  • Built in two-line LCD, Keypad
  • Secure access with configuration only from pre-authenticated control center numbers with acknowledgement
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware upgrade option

Event Alerts

  • System Alerts (Power ON, Low battery, Signal Strength, Network failure, etc.)
  • User defined threshold alerts
  • Security Alert


Want to learn more or talk to someone in person?

Contact info@pratyaya.com or fill out our online request form
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