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Transaction Solutions

The primary objective of a Smart Card based system is to securely identify the Card Holder and be able to log in the transactions made/services availed successfully even in an offline environment! The solution equips the user with a personalized smart card which carries the complete history of the user, services availed, scheme under which the insurance is provided etc. The solution enables:

  • Transparency and Faster Claims Management
  • Monitoring of the service usage pattern per individual
  • Analyzing service history of hospitals
  • Automation of the existing system
  • Reduction in cost and time
Cashless Solution 

Smart Card based system addresses the primary concern of the floating paper currency. The objective behind the system is - To replace paper currency with Smart Currency. The solution enables loading of Smart Currency on the Smart Card, which would then be accepted at various points wherever the Operator has a tie up with. The solution gives cash management security to the provider as the value of amount blocked per trip together amounts to a huge figure. 


cRMS or the Customer Centric Relationship Management System is a solution aimed towards building customer satisfaction; leading to long term loyalty through effective personalized relationship management thereby generating an instant recall value for the outlet. cRMS enables for the following:
  • Building on Customer Satisfaction
  • Analyzing Customer Behavior
  • Buying/Purchase pattern analysis
  • Management of Loyalty Programmes
  • Enhances customer stickiness & helps upscale Customer Loyalty
  • Encourages new customers and helps enhance brand image



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