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ERP: Enterprise resource planning

To achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency, leading companies are focusing on streamlined and collaborative processes to easily access critical information across the enterprise.

Enterprise resource planning solutions (ERP) from Pratyaya can help you. Help you become a stronger competitor. Help you make more informed decisions. Help you satisfy your customers, simplify planning, and make business easier, not more complicated. 
Automating and integrating business processes is perhaps one of the most vital activities for midsized companies. Enterprise application solutions (EAS) and enterprise resource planning offerings from Pratyaya and Pratyaya Business Partners can help you automate your entire enterprise, unify and streamline every element of your enterprise resource planning, and enable your company to function optimally and grow wisely. 

The advantage

Enterprise resource planning systems are, by nature, more than the sum of their parts. Enterprise resource planning from Pratyaya and our Business Partners can help companies integrate business processes from finance and human resources, to order processing, corporate services, production scheduling and more.

Properly implemented, enterprise resource planning can help you reduce operating costs, facilitate day-to-day management and decision-making activities, and support long-term strategic planning. Whether your business is well established or new and growing, we can help you find the right solution to meet your needs.


Pratyaya and our Business Partners can help you:

  • Incorporate the proper business strategies to meet corporate objectives
  • Lower your cost of operations 
  • Increase efficiencies, improve productivity, and speed time to market 
  • Increase information sharing across the enterprise, as well as with customers and suppliers

Your time is valuable. Searching for the right solution for your business can be both time-consuming and expensive. We have developed relationships with established, best-of-breed enterprise resource planning and enterprise application solution providers. Their solutions, coupled with Pratyaya products and services, deliver the cost-competitive, scalable and secure infrastructure that you need.

Our specialists can help you identify the right Pratyaya or Pratyaya Ecosystem solution to meet your specific business requirements and IT budget.

Next steps

Contact an Pratyaya Business Solution Specialist to discuss which solution best matches your business needs.



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