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At Pratyaya, we hire talented people from diverse backgrounds and commit ourselves to helping each person achieve his or her full potential. There is no one path to success at Pratyaya. Instead, we help you to shape the path that best fits your unique abilities and aspirations. Our promise is to provide the challenges, feedback, and support you need to achieve success, along with the training and guidance you need to meet the new challenges that accompany professional growth.

Our goal is to instil in you confidence that we're fully invested in realizing your potential as a consultant, as a colleague, and ultimately, as a leader in the field of your choosing.

Your career progression is customized to ensure that as you progress in your career you're always fully prepared and fully challenged

Your project assignments will reflect a balance of your strengths, your developmental goals, and your interests

Your training will be continuous to prepare you both for your current project work and for future assignments

Feedback and mentoring will also be continuous, to better identify strengths for you to build on and opportunities for you to develop

International opportunities within our global network will be available to you through project work and an on a more long-term basis

When you join Pratyaya, you will develop rapidly as you take on a steady stream of new and complex challenges. You will structure and manage increasingly complex work, lead project teams, advise clients, and assume leadership roles within the firm. As you grow, you will master core business skills, such as:

Strategic thinking

Client impact

Relationship management

People development


As an associate, you'll acquire and develop fundamental business skills by tackling a range of tough client issues. Whether you choose to go on to pursue an M.B.A.-as many of our associates do-or continue on another path, the associate program is an excellent place to start your career.

As a consultant, you will have full responsibility for managing your module of work. Whether that involves heading client teams or structuring analyses to answer critical client questions, you will lead your team's thinking.

As a project leader, you will structure and coordinate the activities of a team of consultants and/or associates in developing a coherent strategy, together with the client. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the client is empowered to carry the strategy forward.

As a manager, you will be a thought partner for your clients as they develop their strategic vision. You will also guide project teams to deliver maximum insight and impact.

As a vice president, you will be the primary driver of client relationships and a leader in one or more practice areas.

How to apply

If you want to build or expand your career, as experienced consultant, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please send your updated profile to careers@pratyaya.com


Want to learn more or talk to someone in person?

Contact info@pratyaya.com or fill out our online request form
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